Use the correct form of "to lie" or "to lay"

Gap-fill exercise

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If an action or movement is involved and there is a (direct) object that receives the action, you should use a form of the verb "to ".
If no movement or action is involved, and there is no direct object, and we are talking about a steady position, you should use a form of the verb "to ".
He the magazine on the sofa yesterday, now it is gone.
The cat always its catch on the carpet.
They had it on the concrete floor.
He spends days just on his sofa.
The newsboy always the newspaper on the grass just to annoy her.
She was in her bed all day.
I want to down now, I am tired. (A desired position).
He has in his bed all day.
She has the baby in her cot.
The past simple of "to lay" is .
The past participle of "to lay" is .
The past simple of "to lie" is , which can be confusing.
The past participle of "to lie" is .
He woke up and told a lie as his very first utterance, so he was still in his bed. ;-)