Educational Crosswords & Games in English    

Grammar: The plural of some English nouns

Crosswords with clues in Danish

Danish place names in crazy crossword       [In print]

Rowing terms in English     [Word bank]      [in Print]

British vs. American English 2

Numbers and cardinal numbers

Amish words         [Word bank]

Vocabulary for carpenters 1

Aussie slang          [Word bank]

Main parts of the body

The 50 States of the United States [Help State Capital]

Departments in a company

The Commonwealth Realms

Finance and accounting

British and American automobile expressions


Military vocabulary and terms  [Word bank]





More crosswords elsewhere -  printed versions, word banks, etc. are available

External links to great additional intermediate EFL resources

Online English grammar tests (US, BR, AUS, also vocabulary)

Linguapress advanced various thematic crosswords

English irregular verb game

BBC Learning English numerous excellent crosswords

Sheppard Software Geography Games for Knowledge


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