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Grammar: The plural of some English nouns

Crosswords with clues in Danish

Grammar, abbreviations, read notes on Resource page

'Sources to electric light  and connected terms' online crossword -   [Printable version]  [word bank and clues]

Same as above, printable, read notes on Resource page

Some elements and chemical compounds   [Printable]

British vs. American English 2

Fishes - translate from Danish                   [Printable]

Amish words         [Word bank]

Rowing terms in English     [Word bank]     [Printable]

Aussie slang          [Word bank]

Danish toponyms in crazy translations ;-)   [printable]

The 50 States of the United States

Numbers and cardinal numbers

The Commonwealth Realms

Vocabulary for carpenters 1

British and American automobile expressions

Main parts of the body

Military vocabulary and terms  [Word bank]

Departments in a company

British and American spelling

Finance and accounting

Facts about Denmark - and a printed version

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